Hackages goal is to make you a wizard at the everlasting fundamental concepts that you will use throughout your career. We want you to be more than "just a coder”, we want to you to become an effective software developer who’s always one step ahead.



Hackages, Where Hack means Education. Following his mission at Philos Lab, Davy founded Hackages to empower people with coding skills and passion for solving problems with technology. 

Hackages is a startup focused on education, training and education; Yes Education has  been typed twice because It's all about Education. Therefore, if you want to help us achieve our mission, get in touch and let's us know how we can help each other. 


The lovely hackers

Needed ! Community Manager

Needed !
Community Manager

Needed ! Business Developer

Needed !
Business Developer

Needed ! Open Source Engineer

Needed !
Open Source Engineer

Want to work with us ? Tell us why

Want to work with us ?
Tell us why

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