amsterdam edition, 10-12th April 2017

DEEP dive into Angular 2








Why Joining a HackCamp


Curriculum built by experienced engineers

From your first component to rebuilding native components in Angular 2, our curriculum is designed to give you a deep understanding of this framework.


ROI in 3 months

It's an investment on yourself, your team or your employee that will payoff right away and even more within 3 months after the program.


Learn how to build Scalable apps with Angular 2

Learn best practises, how to test your applications the right way. Our program is designed around TDD as a basic methodology.



Days with us are full of learnings, challenges and above all, it's very intense. High quality and very engaging content.

DAY by day

Day 2

RXJS, Testing, Routing, Forms and Directives

  • HackJam 3: Introduction to RXJS, Testing and Routing
    • HTTP, Promises, and Observables
      • Promises - still available, still useful
      • Calling an API via HTTP
      • Introduction to Observables
      • Observable Bindings
      • Observables Operators
      • Calling an API via Observables
    • Routing in Angular 2
      • Configure routes
      • base href
      • RouterLink and RouterLinkActive
      • Animating transition between routes
      • Router Outlet
  • HackJam 4: Directive, Forms, Angular-cli
    • Forms
      • Controls
      • Control groups
      • FormBuilder
      • Form validation
    • Directives
      • *ngFor, *ngIf
      • Build native directive
      • ng-content (transclusion in Angular 1)
      • Multiple ng-content
    • Introduction to Angular CLI
      • Build a project with the CLI
      • Test your project with the CLI
    • Introducing Hackages CLI
      • Why a cli could be very productive for your company
      • How to build a CLI

Day 1

Getting started with Angular 2

  • HackJam 1: Building a bookstore
    • Starting with Angular 2
      • Minimal module
      • Minimal component
    • Enough TypeScript
      • ES6 Module System
      • TypeScript decorators
      • Interface vs class
    • Angular 2 Binding and Events
      • Templates
      • Bindings
      • Event Bindings
      • Two-way Binding
      • Class and Style Bindings
      • Built-in Directives
      • Component Data Binding
      • Component Events
      • Ng-model
    • Pipes
      • Using Pipes
      • Creating Pipes
      • Build native pipe
  • HackJam 2: Architecture, component interaction
    • Everything is a component
      • How do you build a component
      • Build nested components
      • Communication between component
        • @Input
        • @Ouput
        • EventEmitter
    • Dependency Injection
      • Understanding DI
    • Service in Angular 2
      • @Injectable
      • Create a service
      • Using a service
      • Providers
    • Lifecycle method
      • OnInit
      • OnChange
      • OnDestroy
    • CSS Styling
      • Component CSS
      • CSS Scoping


Advanced JavaScript Concepts

  • HackJam 5: Data management with Redux/ngrx
    • Redux in a nutshell
    • Reducer
    • Actions and action creator
    • Store
    • Manage data in our application with ngrx
  • HackJam 6: Advanced concepts in Angular 2
    • Routing and navigation
      • Query paramaters
      • Using guards
        • CanActivate
        • CanActivateChild
        • CanDeactivate
        • Resolve
        • CanLoad
      • Lazy loading of modules
      • Loading future areas asynchronously
      • Custom strategy to only-pre-load certain features
    • Angular 2 and SEO
      • Server side rendering with Angular 2
    • Upgrading and JS Versions
      • Angular 1 to 2 Quick Ref
    • The Multi Threaded Web
      • web-workers
    • Tools and optimisation
      • WebPack
      • Tree shaking




Lead Open Source Engineer @ Hackages

Engineer with passion for education, sport and technology; Avid learner, he likes writing code.



Open Source Engineer @ Hackages

Engineer with passion for automation, devOps and everything backend. He will help you ship your Angular apps as a pro!



Open Source Engineer @ Hackages

Engineer with passion for new cultures, Japon and he calls himself a foodie. He likes manga! 

Key Points


Pair programming

Pair programming is a core part of our methodology. The first day, you'll build an algorithm that will randomly assign you a partner for a day or just one exercise. Thereafter, you will spend the entire program pair programming with another attendee to solve the challenges. Ready for the challenge?


Live coding session

We start every session with a live coding session on the topic we're about to cover. We quick-start the session by brainstorming possible solutions as a team then you pair with another attendee to complete the exercise.


deep dive into Angular 2

When: 10-12th April 2017

Location:Our hackSpace or in-house

NEXT SESSION: To be defined


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