Florian Pasteur

Angular Masterclass with TypeScript&NGRX

Master Angular with typescript within Hackages online training

Our Angular Masterclass is ultimate experience to code your way to the top and evolve with the web. Join Florian to bring business value to your team!


Intended audience: JavaScript Developers, Web developers

Duration:  4 Days (Half day TypeScript concepts & 3.5 days of building apps with TypeScript)

Required skills: Experience writing JavaScript applications, basic TypeScript knowledge

 Entry-level test: Yes (HackJam: Migrating JavaScript projects to TypeScript)

What will I learn?

Enough TypeScript for Angular 

  • JavaScript vs TypeScript
  • Understanding the benefit of TypeScript
  • Interface vs Type vs Class
  • Typing functions with interface
  • Annotations around functions


  • The core mechanism of Angular framework (version 10) 
  • Start writing and shipping your first scalable applications with Angular  
  • Component Architecture (Smart vs Dumb, Immutable State changes, Styling)
  • Create and manage services in Angular
  • Dependency Injection (Concepts, @Injectable of Angular, Understand InjectionToken)
  • Routing, Guards, Lazy Loading with modules
  • Reactive Forms (FormControls, FormGroups, FormArray)
  • Learn to use HTTP client modules from scratch

State management in Angular applications

  • Understanding RxJS and Redux
  • Concepts (Store, Reducers, Actions, Effects, etc...)
  • Best Practices (Data architecture)

The course includes:

  • Preparation material
  • Access to the Hackages Learning Platform (learning.hackages.io)
  • Hands-on experience (Build real applications)
  • Certificate of accomplishment
  • 1 hour 1-2-1 mentorship session with your trainer 

Florian Pasteur

Senior software engineer

Remote or On-site

You can decide whether you prefer a remote or on-site classroom experience. You are welcome to join us live at our office, following COVID-19 guidelines, or join us via Zoom link for a visual encounter.

Customized for your team

Let’s talk! What are the needs and goals for your team? Discuss what you need to get out of the course for a customized workshop experience.

Save up to 40%

Hackages is recognized by the KMO Portefeuille of the Flemish Government. Flemish Small and medium enterprises can recover up to 40% of training costs directly if they book training from Hackages.

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