Eliran Natan

Domain-driven design

This hands-on workshop is a practical introduction for developers and architects who wish to discover the basic ideas behind CQRS & Event Sourcing and how those patterns leverage Domain-Driven Design. We start off with a basic CRUD service for a social network as we gradually apply a combination of CQRS and Event-sourcing patterns while enforcing basic DDD principles.

This workshop is a practical introduction for developers and architects who wish to discover the basic ideas behind CQRS & Event Sourcing.
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What will I learn 

CRUD limitations

  • Read/Write models coupling problem
  • Performance & Scalability limitations
  • How CRUD limits Domain-driven design
  • Exemplify by showing a social-network service implementation

Shifting to CQRS & Domain-driven design

  • The CQRS concept
  • CQRS benefits
  • CQRS considerations (Eventual Consistency, Implementation Complexity)
  • Modeling the Write Model using DDD patterns (Aggregates & Repositories)
  • The CQRS flow
  • Exemplify by implementing a CQRS-based social-network service (TypeScript)

Shifting to Event-sourcing

  • The Event-sourcing data-persistence pattern
  • Event-sourcing benefits & considerations
  • How Event-sourcing leverages Domain-driven design
  • How Event-sourcing is combined with CQRS
  • Exemplify by implementing an Event-sourced CQRS-based social-network service (TypeScript).


  • Gain a deep insight into CQRS and Event-sourcing concepts.
  • Understand how and why Event-sourcing and CQRS go hand-by-hand.
  • Understand how Event-sourcing and CQRS help to leverage a Domain-driven approach.
  • Learn how to model a Data-model using Domain-driven design principles & patterns.
  • Practising on how to implement a Domain-driven Event-sourced CQRS-based social-network service using TypeScript (NodeJS).

Eliran Natan

Eliran Natan

Tech Lead at ZorgDomein

Remote or On-site

You can decide whether you prefer a remote or on-site classroom experience. You are welcome to join us live at our office, following COVID-19 guidelines, or join us via Zoom link for a visual encounter.

Domain-driven design
Domain-driven design

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