Guy Mandina

Test-driven development with JUnit Masterclass

Test-driven development with JUnit

Our test-driven development masterclass is taught by Guy Mandina who provides a passionate learning experience to the table!
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Intended audience: Java Developers, Backend developers (Scala, Kotlin)

Duration:  2 days

Required skills: Experience writing Java applications

Entry-level test: No


What will I learn?

Basic concepts of TDD: Test, Fail, Fix then Refactor 

  • Introduction of testings tools
  • Introduction of TDD concept
  • Introduction to the best practices like SOLID
  • Hand-on introduction with a small katas

Testing methods

  • Baby steps
  • mocks/spy/fakes/stubs
  • Double-loop
  • Outside-in approach

Practice TDD with Katas

  • Install and use of testing tools, (Runner, Assertion Libraries, Mocks)
  • Common errors to avoid
  • Refactoring with the IDE
  • Improve tests runs

The course includes

  • Preparation material
  • Access to the Hackages Learning Platform (
  • Hands-on experience (Build real applications)
  • Certificate of accomplishment
  • 1 hour 1-2-1 mentorship session with your trainer

Guy Mandina

Guy Mandina

Senior Software Engineer

Remote or On-site

You can decide whether you prefer a remote or on-site classroom experience. You are welcome to join us live at our office, following COVID-19 guidelines, or join us via Zoom link for a visual encounter.

Test-driven development with JUnit Masterclass
Test-driven development with JUnit Masterclass

Customized for your team

Let’s talk! What are the needs and goals for your team? Discuss what you need to get out of the course for a customized workshop experience.

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