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Uncover the world of Vue.Js with Core Team member, Guillaume Chau. First, a worldwide tech conference speaker, now, Chau is sharing his knowledge in this masterclass!


Required skills: Be comfortable writing JavaScript. Async programming, Spread/rest operator, VueJS concepts in Vue (Vue Instance, Directives, event handling, components -lifecycle, communication patterns, SMART/DUMB)

Duration: 2 Days

Entry-level test: No

The course includes

Join a team of developers getting together to fix the VueJS application of HackFlix. HackFlix is a video streaming website serving 148 million users, whose evil competitor Hackazon Prime is trying to destroy.

What will I learn

Day 1:

Form bindings and validation with vee-validate


  • Simple Routing From Scratch
  • Core concept of vue-router
  • Dynamic Route Matching
  • Nested Routes
  • Programmatic Navigation
  • Named Routes
  • Named Views
  • Redirect and Alias
  • Passing Props to Route Components
  • Advanced in vue-router
  • Guard
  • Data fetching patterns - fetching After/Before Navigation
  • Lazy loading

Day 2:

State Management using vuex

  • state management patterns in a nutshell
  • What is Vuex?
  • Using Actions, Mutations and Getters
  • Modules / plugins
  • Composing actions (Promises and Async/Await)
  • Testing
  • Best practices and common pitfalls

Reusability & Composition

  • Mixins
  • Slots
  • Async Components
  • Custom Directives
  • Render Functions & JSX
  • Plugins
  • Filters
  • Typescript
  • Advanced Component Patterns
  • Testing
  • Unit tests with Jest and vue-test-utils
  • E2E tests with Nightwatch/ Cypress

Guillaume Chau

Vue.js Expert

Remote or On-site

You can decide whether you prefer a remote or on-site classroom experience. You are welcome to join us live at our office, following COVID-19 guidelines, or join us via Zoom link for a visual encounter.

Customized for your team

Let’s talk! What are the needs and goals for your team? Discuss what you need to get out of the course for a customized workshop experience.

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