Eliran Natan

Domain-driven design

1 Day
Online or on-site

This hands-on workshop is a practical introduction for developers and architects who wish to discover the basic ideas behind CQRS & Event Sourcing and how those patterns leverage Domain-Driven Design. We start off with a basic CRUD service for a social network as we gradually apply a combination of CQRS and Event-sourcing patterns while enforcing basic DDD principles.

This workshop is a practical introduction for developers and architects who wish to discover the basic ideas behind CQRS & Event Sourcing.

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What will I learn 

CRUD limitations

  • Read/Write models coupling problem
  • Performance & Scalability limitations
  • How CRUD limits Domain-driven design
  • Exemplify by showing a social-network service implementation

Shifting to CQRS & Domain-driven design

  • The CQRS concept
  • CQRS benefits
  • CQRS considerations (Eventual Consistency, Implementation Complexity)
  • Modeling the Write Model using DDD patterns (Aggregates & Repositories)
  • The CQRS flow
  • Exemplify by implementing a CQRS-based social-network service (TypeScript)

Shifting to Event-sourcing

  • The Event-sourcing data-persistence pattern
  • Event-sourcing benefits & considerations
  • How Event-sourcing leverages Domain-driven design
  • How Event-sourcing is combined with CQRS
  • Exemplify by implementing an Event-sourced CQRS-based social-network service (TypeScript).


  • Gain a deep insight into CQRS and Event-sourcing concepts.
  • Understand how and why Event-sourcing and CQRS go hand-by-hand.
  • Understand how Event-sourcing and CQRS help to leverage a Domain-driven approach.
  • Learn how to model a Data-model using Domain-driven design principles & patterns.
  • Practising on how to implement a Domain-driven Event-sourced CQRS-based social-network service using TypeScript (NodeJS).

Eliran Natan

Eliran Natan

Tech lead at ZorgDomain

About the trainer

Helping companies create reactive applications that shape human lives, focusing on Progressive Web and Machine Learning.

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