Roy Derks

React Masterclass with ES6+

4 Days
Online or on-site

Upgrade the performance of your team with complete training from React experts.

Upgrade your skills by mastering React, the key program in front-end development! Learn React from our senior software developers to get your team where they need to be.

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Intended audience: JavaScript Developers, Web developers 

Duration:  4 Days

Required skills: JavaScript, ES6 (ex: Spread/Rest operators), Asynchronous paradigm (async/await operators, Promises), Be familiar with the `this` keyword

Entry-level test: Yes ( HackJam: JavaScript for React Developers)


What will I learn?

  • JavaScript basics for React
  • Thinking in React
  • Components design and communication, State vs Props
  • Using asynchronous processes in React
  • React Hooks (useEffect, UseReducer, etc...)
  • React Router (public/private routes, combie routing, and HTTP requests)
  • State management with Redux (Best practices, Reducers, Actions, etc...)
  • Forms in React (with Formik)
  • Styled Components (CSS, Animation, Themes, Responsiveness)
  • Best practices (Error Handling, Stateless components, etc...)


The course includes:

  • Preparation material
  • Access to the Hackages Learning Platform (
  • Hands-on experience (Build real applications)
  • Certificate of accomplishment
  • 1 hour 1-2-1 mentorship session with your trainer
Roy Derks

Roy Derks
Leading the Engineering teams at Vandebron

About the trainer

Leading the Engineering teams at Vandebron | Tech speaker, author and entrepreneur

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