Live Coding An Application with GraphQL Apollo & React Native | HackLunch

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Tutorial description

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us for this exciting Hacklunch. In this episode, Davy will show how to use GraphQL with React Native. After building a quick GraphQL backend, Davy will then connect that backend with a React Native application.

Things you will learn:

  • Connecting your components with GraphQL Apollo
  • How can you write strongly typed GraphQL queries with TypeScript
  • How to use React Native debugger to debug your GraphQL queries

Bonus: you will learn during this session

  • Using React Native without Expo
  • “ngrok” for exposing your API on the internet

This session is a beginner to intermediate level.

Before attending this session, you should be familiar with TypeScript (Link to our TypeScript webinar here), React or React Native and a beginner level in GraphQL should be sufficient.