Data-first Frontend revolution with Kea, a data layer for React

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Hey everyone!

It's time for a revolution in data-first frontend frameworks, which relegate React to what it does best: rendering and diffing DOM nodes. Values in, actions out. No useState. No useEffect.

In practice, this means adopting a data layer as the core of your application.

In our upcoming webinar about the Data-fist Frontend revolution with Kea, you will:

- Learn about the three layers in frontend web development: Input, Data and View.

- Learn to build a simple app, using Kea as the data layer, and React as the view layer.

- Learn what all ClojureScript frontend frameworks got right, and why it's a bad idea to store app state in React components.

The webinar will be hosted by Marius Andra. After over a decade of startup adventures, Marius Andra now leads an even more adventure-packed life as the head of Core Experience for PostHog, the open-source platform for building better products. He's been writing JavaScript since the early Netscape days, and started with Kea in 2015, in an effort to reduce then-prevalent Redux boilerplate, way before it was cool to do so.