Domain-Driven Design with CQRS and Event Sourcing

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Tutorial description

Developers and domain experts tend to speak in different languages. In recent years, domain-driven design (DDD) has increasingly established itself as an approach to narrow this gap. This session is a practical introduction for developers and architects who wish to understand the basic ideas behind Event-sourcing and CQRS and how they leverage Domain-driven development. We start off with a basic NodeJS CRUD service as we gradually apply a combination of Event-sourcing and CQRS patterns while enforcing basic DDD principles.

About the host

This live webinar session is hosted by Eliran Natan, Tech lead at ZorgDomein based in Amsterdam. Eliran helps companies create reactive applications that shape human lives, focusing on IoT, RealTime Streaming, and Progressive Web. At ZorgDomein, he currently is leading the technical direction of turning the Dutch Healthcare System into a Cloud-based Real-time Network! He works specifically with Angular 9, RxJS, and Web Sockets, as well as Kafka and Kubernetes.