October 8, 2020

Leverage the information on job descriptions to hire better candidates fast!

Webinar description

Dear Tech recruiters,

Have you ever interviewed a developer after briefing their resume and did not understand what he exactly does on a day to day basis? Do you feel like your results will get a boost from increasing your technical knowledge?

Well, we’ve got the answer for you. Time to be fully prepared to interview an IT engineer.

Next Thursday on September 24, we are hosting a webinar to show you how you can extract the key terms from a resume from a developer, understand their world and prepare an insightful interview with them in no time.

This webinar is designed for people that interview developers but do not have an IT background. (HR, recruiters, ...)

Your host, Davy Engone, founder of Hackages, will walk you through the process of extracting the keywords by using our brand new TechStack tool, that you can use in your interviewing process.

Things you will learn:

- How to analyse a resume to understand the full skill set of your candidates

- How to categorise the tech jargon you use every day when talking to software engineers

- How to use a tool that educates you on technical terms and gives you a full overview in seconds

During the webinar, we will demonstrate the Beta version of our TechStack tool and provide you with the information you need for getting access to it.

Join us in your lunch break and HACK your way to successfully recruiting developers.

This special TECH JARGON session will start on September 24, at 12 PM CEST

Hosted on Livestorm!

See you there!

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