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After attending my first Hackjam I was more than surprised! This wasn't just a theoretical workshop but a well-organized, thorough coding session with skilled mentors to guide you through the process every step of the way. The instructor was very clear and managed our skill-levels well. Overall, such a great bunch of people willing and able to share their knowledge.  I'll be back for more!
Kapeesh M - Frontend Developer
Honestly in the space of an hour it would be hard to improve that. Informative, well-explained, and promptly answering all questions. I have very little existing knowledge in this area, but had no problem keeping up. Davy was great.
Trainee @Hackages
Thank you so much for your time. Maybe a little complex for me but then also, I got it... so very good. Will check in for future sessions as they’re really great to learn. Love the code optimization. Also, you are very patient and good at explaining and for getting back to the questions. 100%
Trainee @Hackages
Interesting topic and good speaker who also knew very well what he was talking about.
Trainee @Hackages

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