Master Reactive Programming with RxJS and Signal

Learn JavaScript the right way. Our program is designed for developers who want to improve their JavaScript skills. It's hands-on and composed of online and offline sessions. It will help you build the confidence to start writing scalable JavaScript applications at your company. Our Test-Driven Learning approach will teach you the right skills the right way.
1 Day
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Angular is powerful, we will help you leverage that power

This program is composed of online and offline sessions. It's hands-on and it will help you build the confidence needed to start writing scalable JavaScript applications.
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Become a productive Angular developer in a few days

Learn Angular with TDD. Our Program is designed for complete beginners as well as intermediary Angular developers who would like to understand the fundamentals of these technologies,
Dealing with Object and Arrays in JavaScript
Day 01
Preparation material (Do this before joining the program)
Day 0
DOM Programming with JavaScript
Day 3

Before joining and subscribing to this program

Take the test:
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After subscribing to this program:
  • Install NodeJS (https://nodejs.org/en/)
  • Install VS Code with the required extensions
  • Basic programming experience
  • Good understanding of HTML
  • 10 hours per week
A Day with Hackages

1 Intensive day combine with some homeworks

Live demos and theoretical concepts explained
Practical Workshops and more demo
Homework and office hours
Our learning platform is your playground

Learn from friendly and active engineers in the industry

Davy Engone
Software engineer at Hackages
Hey, I'm Davy and I'm the founder of Hackages. I've a software consultant for about 10 years before starting building companies and products. My goal with Hackages is to help developers learn new skills while reinforcing existing one.
Tools we are going to use

Go beyond Angular and TypeScript with these tools


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Python training at Hackages exceeded expectations! Engaging instructors and practical applications made learning enjoyable.
Emily Brown
Data Analyst
Hackages' Blockchain training blew me away! In-depth knowledge and practical projects gave me real-world experience.
John Smith
Blockchain Enthusiast
“it was nice to learn how others code”
Software Engineer at Techlingo
Honestly in the space of an hour it would be hard to improve that. Informative, well-explained, and promptly answering all questions.
Clark Tylor
Senior Engineer

Transparent and flexible payment plans

Unlike other courses who tuck away their prices, we are totally transparent with our online Bootcamp pricing and take pride in being accessible and affordable.
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Transparent and flexible payment plans

Javascript Training

Learn how to build scalable applications with JavaScript

05 Days
Starting: 15 May 2024
Davy Engone
Software engineer and mentor @Hackages
Topics we cover:
About this training:
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